Confidence, commitment and the can do spirit


"Famed philosopher Mr. Thoreau once said that “most men lead lives of quiet desperation.” I'm here to let you know that with purpose and commitment in your life you don't have to be one of them. There might be something tomorrow or at some point your life that you really want to do. Have the courage to take the first step.” Jan C. Scruggs, Esq. 

​“I have been to our conventions for ten years…but you are the first speaker to receive a standing ovation.”

American Institute for Steel Construction

​​“Your program was outstanding and very well received by our members. It is not surprising that I am still hearing wonderfully positive comments about your presentation.” 
– Traverse City Economic Club

“Our capacity audience was truly treated to an unforgettable, thought provoking experience that will be long remembered.” – State Mutual Cos.

“Congratulations on a superb presentation on the MDRT Main Platform. It was meaningful and memorable.”

– Million Dollar Roundtable

 “I have never heard applause last as long as it did for you that afternoon. You have a powerful message indeed.”

– Washington Society for Association Executives

“As you explained in your talk having courage and a sense of purpose lets you overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles.” – GTE

“Our conference delegate opinion surveys confirmed what we believed. You were a big hit. The standing O’s told the story.”

– The Prudential